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Macbeth Reading on iPhones

The iPhone can take you anywhere you want to go, including the Scottish moors. In this special event, watch actors of the Modern Shakespeare Company perform a dramatic reading of Shakespeare's Macbeth using the free iPhone app, Shakespeare, co-developed by and

Audience members are encouraged to download the application and follow along with this dramatic reading that is the first of its kind to bridge old world literature and new age technology.



Julian Lopez-Morillas* (Actor 1: Duncan, Old Siward, Doctor)
Ron Severdia (Actor 2: Malcolm)
Jason Hite (Actor 3: Donalbain, Macduff's son, Caithness, Young Siward)
Lauren Grace* (Actor 4: Lady Macbeth, Hecat)
Michael Zavala (Actor 5: Soldier, Fleance, Second Murderer, Seyton, Third Apparition)
Lizzie Calogero* (Actor 6: Porter, First Murderer, Menteth, Second Apparition)
George Maguire* (Actor 7: Banquo, First Apparition)
Jeffrey Draper (Actor 8: Macduff, Sergeant, Servant)
Molly Noble* (Actor 9: Lady Macduff, Waiting Gentlewoman, Third Murderer)
Mary Baird* (Actor 10: Witch #3, Lennox, Messenger)
Jarion Monroe* (Actor 11: Witch #1, Rosse, Old Man)
Carolyn Power (Actor 12: Witch #2, Angus)
Michael Ray Wisely* (Actor 13: Macbeth)
Emily Jordan* (Actor 14: Narrator)

Date: October 25, 2009 at 5pm
Location: Apple Store San Francisco, One Stockton St., San Francisco, CA 94108 (info | map)

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*Member of Actor's Equity

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